New update Twin Flames 1.0.2 !

Hi guys! We just uploaded a new update 1.0.2! We fixed some bugs and added some things you guys recommended! We keep reading all the comments and awesome feedback! We hope you guys enjoy this update!

## [1.0.1] - 2017-05-16

### Fixed -We fixed a bug that froze the game on the loading window. -We fixed some minor bugs that generated the Map UI.

## [1.0.2] - 2017-23-16

### Fixed 

We fixed a bug that happened when you killed an enemy in a frozen state.

-We fixed the bug that happened when you died on the pit and returned with no life.

-We fixed some with the camera and the god mode, the UI was not going back to normal. 

-We fixed some labels in Spanish in the UI and Options of the game. 

-We fixed a bug on Windows that gave you unlimited God Mode time. 

-We fixed a bug that forced the game to go on fullscreen at the start.

### Added

-We implemented TAB as an alternative to show the Map.

### Improved

-We improved the combo / god mode bar effect to make it more visible and effective. 

-We improved the enemy distribution on the levels to make a better learning curve. 

-We improved the distribution of the Enemy Gates. 

-The game now runs in the background (When you lose focus on the window)


Twin Flames Demo Mac 1.0.2 (121 MB)
59 days ago
Twin Flames Demo PC 1.0.2 64 Bits (118 MB)
59 days ago
Twin Flames Demo PC 1.0.2 32 Bits (117 MB)
59 days ago

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