The closed beta phase just begun!

Hi guys! We released our first closed beta build for testing today! We are very excited that many of you showed interest in testing the game!

You can use the forum for all the feedback and reporting stuff!

But, what would we like you to report?

-Bugs, bugs and more bugs. Find them all and help us squash them.

-Improvements. What would you like to see in the game? Your opinion is very important and we want to hear it. After all, this game is for you and we want you to enjoy it.

-General feedback. Let us hear your voice. If you don't like something or you don't understand a certain aspect of the game, let us know. If you have any suggestion on how to address those issues, they're more than welcome. You can also tell us what you like and would want to see further developed.

Hope you enjoy the game! Have a nice day!


Twin Flames Mac Beta (121 MB)
69 days ago
Twin Flames PC 64 bits Beta (118 MB)
69 days ago

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